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What came first the gun or the ammo? You can’t have one without the other! We cater to the masses that want 9mm, to the guy that thought it would be cool to have a .375 H&H, and everything in between. Our vast selection of both range and retail ammunition helps keep you stocked and supplied.



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We are no one-trick pony when it comes to ammo. With thousands of shooters coming through our ranges, we keep a large assortment of ammunition in stock so everyone can have plenty of fun during their visit while also stockpiling some of their favorite rounds. The three basic types of ammunition are Shotgun ammo, Rifle ammo, and Handgun ammo.

Topics to consider while shopping for ammunition:

  • Handgun - Most people practice with their handgun at the range but want to be prepared to use it for self-defense when not at the range. For range use it is more cost effective to shoot FMJ (full metal jacket) ammo when practicing. If you also plan to use the same handgun for self-defense, you will want to purchase hollow point (HP) or soft point (SP) ammunition preferably in the same grain weight as what you practice with. Be sure to cycle several rounds of your self-defense ammunition through your firearm to make sure it works well with your gun.

  • Hunting - You should do some homework when considering the best hunting ammo. Different ammunition works better with certain firearms. Before committing to a large purchase try different grain weights to see what performs best for the type of hunting you will be doing. Larger game will require heavier, more powerful calibers so consider what you plan to use your rifle for most often.

  • Supersonic vs Subsonic - More and more manufacturers are producing subsonic ammunition for handguns and rifles. This ammo is much heavier which slows down its velocity and provides great noise reduction when partnered with a suppressor. Different grain weights of ammunition will perform very differently with your firearm so do a little range work to figure out which is best for you.



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